22 motor hotels in region ardennes, belgium

Right below Liege, the the valleys of the rivers like the Ambleve and Ourthe guarantee roads with curve after curve. In this northern part of the Belgian Ardennes, we find villages like Spa and Stavlot and of course the famous race track of Francorchamps. Further south, La Roche en Ardenne and Houffalize are great places for a coffee break. If you drive even further, you will enter the area governed by the river Semois. At Bouillon, you can continue your tour in the French Ardennes. Defenitely worth the ride is the area in the east, close to Germany (roughly between Eupen, Malmedy and Monschau): The High Fens (Hautes Fagnes). The highest point is Signal de Botrange, also the highest point in Belgium. Don't miss the old hostel Baraque Michel, the right place to get warmed up again if needed.nearby regions: